5 Best Christmas Apps 2013

5 Best Christmas Apps 2013

Ladies and gentleman, we’re only a week away from our most favorite holiday – Christmas! To celebrate this year’s holiday season, here are 5 mobile applications that will make our vacation time even greater:
  1. Allrecipes

    This Android and iTunes recipe application allows food enthusiasts to make delicious meals without having extensive food knowledge. By downloading Allrecipes, users can easily find recipes of various ethnic foods as well as recipes that fit their dietary restrictions (vegetarian). Moreover, they can use Allreceipes’ “Spinner” function to create dishes based on the ingredients they have on-hand, the dish type they want (i.e. side dish and dessert), and the amount of time they have. For instance, they can make a particular dish based on their unique criteria such as “appetizer” as the dish type, “vegetable” as the ingredient, and “45 minutes of less” as the time frame. This will allow users to conveniently generate a list of dishes that will suit their tastes and needs. 
  2. Next Issue

    With Next Issue, you can gain access to over 100 magazines for just $9.99 per month. Publications include ESPN, Condé Nast Traveler, MoneySense. So for those who want to kick back and read their favorite magazines during Christmas without having to subscribe to multiple magazines, this is the perfect reading application for you.
  3. Songza

    Need a massive playlist for your holiday dinner or party? Songza is here to help. This desktop, iOS and Android music application allows you to select from hundreds of songs for free. You can choose songs from various genres such as Christmas, Blues & Blues Rock, and Dance for different occasions. For instance, if you’re having a nice, cozy family dinner, you can put on traditional Christmas music. If you’re having a party with a few friends, you can put on more upbeat music such as pop music. 
  4. Endomondo

    ThisAndroid and iOS app allows you to automatically track all your sports data and monitor your performance over time. With Endomondo, you can set challenges, do fitness tests, track your history, and monitor your current activities. What’s more, you can compare your results with your friends and other avid gym enthusiasts to compare your outcomes and spice up your workouts! This is the perfect app to encourage you to hit up the gym and lose that holiday weight!
  5. VSCO Cam

    This photography application is available on Android and iTunes and enables users to capture every warm moment during this holiday season. By using VSCO Cam, you have access to an array of filters that aren’t available on other social media and photography applications. Moreover, you can share your Christmas photos directly on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter once you’ve applied filters. This will help you share your happiness and warmth with your family and friends across the globe conveniently through social media.
With only a week away from Christmas, everyone’s becoming antsier on all the wonderful activities we’ll be doing on that special day. To help people better capture their favorite moments, share their joy, and find enjoyable music during Christmas, we’ve come up with 5 special mobile applications. This will help you have a more memorable, relaxing, and merry Christmas Day that you’ve been anticipating all year long!



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