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4 Ways Marketers Can Take Advantage of iPhone 5S/5C and iOS7

Apple announced it has sold a record-breaking nine million new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c models in their first week. In addition,more than 200 million devices are already running the new iOS7 operating system.

These new iPhones which come loaded with iOS7 are sure to be in the hands of your customers. Below are a few ways to take advantage of the new features:

  1. One of the most exicting features of iOS 7 is Touch ID. This new feature that is available just on the new iPhones streamlines user authentication and has the potential to make mobile commerce a lot more popular. Many consumers still do not trust mobile payments because they are afraid of losing their phones. But with iTouch, your fingerprint is your password. You can unlock the screen and authenticate purchases by simply scanning placing your finger on the home button. This will likely increase the popularity of mobile transactions the way Amazon’s 1-click buy button has popularized e-commerce by simplifying the user experience.
  2. Passbook is Apple’s catchall app for iPhone users to keep their digital coupons, airline and train tickets, movie passes and rewards and gift cards all in one place. With the updated iOS7 version of Passbook, it is easy to get and add passes with new QR code scanner, allowing retailers to leverage user interactions and mobile payments. For example, Airlines such as American Airlines and United already allow you to store boarding passes in Passbook. Marketers without a large budget can now run similar programs and encourage users to share coupons and gift cards, contact etc. with their friends and family.
  3. iOS7 makes it easy for your customers to find you on maps with improvements to its mapping app such as full screen maps, navigation gets night mode, new sharing button and using iBeacons to solve indoor mapping. Marketers should start using iBeacon to provide location mapping in-store. Also, the 3D space tracking in iOS7 can help marketers provide location specific information based on what floor of a retailer store they are in.
  4. Marketers are now able to purchase radio spot within iTunes Radio which offers a free ad supported service and a premium paid service.