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4 Ways Marketers Can Boost their Creativity Drastically

Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not.

Pablo Picasso
While digital advancements have changed the ways marketers do their work, it hasn’t changed the heart and soul of marketing: creativity. Creativiity is the only way for marketers to continuously come up with new approaches to strengthen their bonds with clients, create products that fit users’ needs, and think of designs that woo consumers deeply. Here are 4 ways you can use to unleash your inner Leonardo da Vinci:
  1. Read like you never read before

    While creativity is about creating unprecedented features or products, reading and learning from other creative individuals can boost your creativity tremendously. By reading fascinating articles from publications such as Fast Company, Inc. Magazine, or BusinessWeek, you can see what others have innovated recently to improve their brand value, penetrate a new consumer market, or attract media attention. This will allow you use other people’s ideas as inspiration to stimulate your own creativity.

  2. Have alone time

    The embracement of solitude is fundamental in idea generation. According to Oprah, “alone time is when [you] distance [yourself] from the voices of the world so [you] can hear [your] own.” By having alone time, you can think about the different things that interest you and your audience, identify various products or features that resolve your consumers’ needs, and come up with goods or services will rattle your industry immensely. Moreover, you can use your alone time to self-reflect at the end of the day. By self-reflecting at the end of the day, you to clear your mind and think of the different things that went right or wrong today. This allows you to determine why certain things didn’t pan out as expected and come up with solutions to remedy them.

  3. Set a concrete schedule

    Many established professionals have a set schedule. Celebrities such as Pharrell Williams create a concrete schedule for different tasks. For instance, Pharrell Williams assigns studio time from noon to 2 p.m. so that he could concentrate solely on his music. This allows him to give 100% of his energy and creative juice to produce the best music he could for his patrons. Just like Pharrell, marketers can adopt this approach by coming up with a tightly packed schedule so that they can focus primarily on one task at a time and use all of their creative juice on that specific assignment. This ultimately allows marketers to cut out all the external noise and concentrate intently on creative idea generation to produce revolutionary ads, product features, and the like.

  4. Have enough rest

    While many people think being a night owl and drinking caffeine-concentrated beverages are mandatory to becoming a creative person, it’s really not. According to Fast Company, although coffee, Vitaminwater, and even Perky Jerky can give you a boost in energy and attention, it’s no substitute for rest. Caffeine isn’t restorative and “doesn’t help with memory consolidation, insulin regulation, glucose metabolism, or muscle or bone repair.” What this means is that at the end of the day, the only thing that can help you when you’re sleepy, is sleep.


I never made one of my discoveries through the process of rational thinking

Albert Einstein
Creativity is the heart and soul of various professionals – especially in advertising and marketing. Creativity is the only way marketers can create ads that capture viewers’ attention, invent new product features that will improve people’s lives, and think of new communication tactics to improve interactions amongst different groups of people. By using the 4 approaches above, you can start leveraging the right side of your brain and pumping out ideas that will astound millions of people worldwide.