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4 Steps to Add Personalization & Customization in Digital Marketing

4 Steps to Add Personalization & Customization in Digital Marketing

4 Steps to Add Personalization & Customization in Digital Marketing

     Recently, we wrote about the increasing importance of personalization and customization in digital marketing. Nowadays, consumers often get overloaded by information, including content from your competitors. Here are four simple steps to personalize your content to your readers so that you stand out in the crowded digital space.


1. Leverage Data

     The first key to personalizing your marketing is to leverage data to understand who your audience is. Demographic data such as location, age, gender, job title, income, and behavioral data such as social media engagement, page view history, email interactions, and purchase history can all be leveraged to help you personalize your customers. With the insights you gain from your data, you can then decide how to personalize the content based on who they are, what they want, and how they prefer to be communicated with.


2. Generate Customer Profiles (Customer Personas)

     To arrive at actionable insights, you should segment the audience into customer personas based on their demographics and psychographics. Focus on the hidden wants and emotions and try to find the “reframe” of your product and service as the solution to their biggest problems.


3. Create Targeted Content

     Next, tailor your messages to specific personas. This approach will boost engagement rates and increase conversion rates throughout your funnel. For example, show products from categories they have interacted with before through retargeting, and send them tips and offers that you know will resonate well. Email is one of major examples of personalized content. Customized email workflow works much better than generalized ones in terms of click-through rates and conversion rates.


4. Automate But Also Humanize

     Finally, add a personal touch to the content. In the age of AI and marketing automation, it is easy to forget to humanize your content. Nothing is more important on more customer service than building rapport and strong relationships. Speak with empathy with your marketing communication; feel your audience pain points and sympathize with them.


     In summary, utilizing personalization and customization in digital marketing needs to be taken these steps accordingly. Firstly, leverage detailed customers’ data, generate customer personas based on that data and create targeted content to align with your business. Finally, it is not too much to say that humanizing the content is the most crucial step. To do something personalized for customers, it surely takes time. Automation systems are useful to do that, but it is easy to lose humanization. Customers want to feel that they are being taken care of just for themselves.


     To get leads from new audiences related to your business and build strong relationships with customers, personalization and customization help a lot. If you are struggling with them, we are here to improve your digital marketing strategy. Please reach out to us from here now!

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