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4 Reasons Why Every Marketer Needs a Content Calendar

Content creation can be difficult after writing thousands upon thousands of articles. However, it can be less challenging if a content writer uses a content calendar. By developing a content calendar, writers can reduce a tremendous amount spent on topic generation and headline creation. Here are 4 major reasons why every marketer needs to use a content calendar:
  1. Ensure you’re covering all the essential topics

    The primary areas in digital marketing are split testing, content marketing, social media marketing, remarketing, email marketing, and web analytics. To ensure that you’re covering all these topics and engaging your audience with your content, you should use a content calendar. By creating a content calendar, you can assure that you’re producing content regarding each topic frequently. This enables you to create various kinds content to serve different marketers or businesses’ needs. For example, one marketer may be interested in reading about email marketing while another may be eager to learn about remarketing ads. This will help you reach different audiences, broaden your visibility as readers are more likely to share content that they find useful, and convert more sales through the demonstration of expert knowledge.
  2. Ensure you’re not repeating similar topics week-over-week

    While it’s vital to publish content on different topics, it’s also imperative to not writing similar topics over and over again. You can avoid making this blunder by creating a content calendar and laying out all the topics you’ll create in the next week or month. This will allow you to visually see all the topics you’ll create and determine if there are duplicates. By using a content calendar, you can for instance avoid creating two how-to web analytics articles and 3 social media marketing articles in the same week. This will help you make sure your content is always unique, fresh, and captivating to your audience.
  3. Write ahead of time and have more time for other marketing activities

    While developing quality content requires superb writing skills, it also requires diligent editing skills. By using a content calendar, you can produce your content ahead of time so that you’ll have enough time to edit it. At Smartt, we create most of our articles a week ahead of schedule so that we’ll have sufficient amount of time to edit and make changes where necessary. This is particularly useful if your topics are challenging and you may have to completely rewrite them. 
  4. Increase efficiency and have more time for other marketing activities

    By creating a content calendar and ensuring your contents are relevant and produced ahead of time, you can have more time for other marketing activities. Instead of spending a tremendous amount of time daily to come up with topics and transform them into published work, you can use that time to promote your content and engage with your social media patrons. You can use that time to interact with your current Twitter followers so that when you promote your content, it’ll become more visible and eye-catching to them. Moreover, you can that time to monitor certain keywords regarding web analytics or AdWords on Twitter so that when conversations arise on these topics, you can seamlessly promote your content to them.
As search engine optimization is playing a smaller role in the overall digital space, content marketing is slowly taking over and making its way to becoming one of the most integral marketing tactics in the digital marketing space. That said, in order to perform effective content marketing, businesses have to ensure that their content is useful and relevant. This is where a content calendar comes in. By creating a content calendar, marketers can assure that they have a diverse group of topics and that the topics are relevant to their target audience. This will allow companies to deepen their engagement with their fans and increase their exposures in the Twittersphere and most importantly, Googlesphere. 
If you want to improve your content marketing to generate more sales, please feel free to contact us and we’ll be glad to see how you can help enhance your performance. You can also take a look at our Digital Marketing services for other needs.