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4 Reasons Why Every Company Should Attend a Digital Marketing Training Workshop

A digital marketing training course (check out our special digital marketing training workshop for Vancouver chambers, boards, and BIAs!) is a full-day training course that teaches marketers, executives, or business owners about the latest, best practices in remarketing, search engine optimization, and other digital marketing tactics. Here are four reasons why every company should attend a digital marketing training workshop:


  1. Keep up with the latest technological trends

    Digital marketing is constantly changing. For instance, Facebook has decreased brand Facebook pages’ organic reach by 50% since October 2013. This means that if you were able to reach 12 out of 100 fans previous, you can now only reach 6. 
    These changes impact how companies should allocate their advertising funds (i.e. spend more on social media or content marketing?) and which channels they should use (i.e. use LinkedIn or Twitter?).
    By attending a digital marketing training workshop, you will gain insights on the latest technological trends, their impacts to your business, and how you can overcome or leverage them.
  2. Learn to integrate different digital marketing programs

    Digital marketing programs don’t work in silos. They need to be integrated in order to achieve optimized performance.
    For example, you have to utilize social media marketing and pay-per-paid advertising to increase traffic and split-testing to convert visitors to customers. 
    Without integrating different digital marketing tactics, you will only succeed in one side of the equation (i.e. getting lots of web traffic) but fail in another (i.e. turning visitors into buying customers). This as a result will waste your advertising dollars.
  3. Network with other business professionals

    Digital marketing workshops are filled with local professionals who may become your referral program partners or clients one day. These professionals come from different industries such as clean energy, IT, or manufacturing and may need or know individuals within their sectors who may need your accounting or consulting services. 
    Digital marketing workshops provide a great opportunity for professionals to build significant relationships in the local market.
  4. Take digital marketing in-house

    Small business owners and solopreneurs often don’t want to outsource their digital marketing because they want to attempt it themselves. That said, they often lack the time to keep up with different tools due to their busy schedules. 
    For example, small business owners often don’t have the time to learn about how to use Open Site Explorer to identify inbound links, Universal Analytics to analyze cross-device performance, and buyer personas to gain insights on their audiences.
    By attending a one-day digital marketing workshop, you will be able to gain in-depth knowledge on a variety of digital tools so that you will be able to take your digital marketing programs in-house.
Digital marketing training workshops are cost-effective courses that let Marketing Managers or business owners to run and integrate digital marketing programs in-house and bond with experienced professionals. It’s also an easy way to learn about the latest technological trends, how they impact your brand, and how you should adapt to them.


If you want to learn more about the digital marketing training courses Smartt offers for small businesses and corporate marketing teams, please contact us or visit our training page. We offer a 1-day P.A.C.E. Digital Marketing Training Course and a 2-day Google Analytics Success Training Course.