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4 Obvious Reasons Why Every B2B Business Needs a LinkedIn Company Page

Although LinkedIn is smaller than other social platforms like Facebook, it’s more effective for generating traffic, attracting qualified leads, and acquiring customers. Here are 4 reasons why every B2B company needs a LinkedIn page: 
  1. Attract qualified leads

    There are over 250 million monthly active users now on LinkedIn. These users consist of senior executives at global manufacturing companies, junior accountants at accounting firms, and web developers at eCommerce websites. This is advantageous for companies with LinkedIn pages because you can target specific audiences within particular industries that have certain job titles, job descriptions, and management levels. By creating a Company Page, you can engage with business professionals and offer your products or services. For example, you can target the Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Vancouver construction companies to showcase how your web hosting service will improve their IT security. 
  2. Obtain higher conversion rate

    LinkedIn generates a higher visitor-to-lead conversion rate than Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn has a rate of 2.74% while Facebook and Twitter only have 0.69% and 0.77%, respectively. What this means that for every 100 visitors LinkedIn garners, 2.7 of them are qualified while only roughly 1 visitor is qualified from Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Stay competitive

    There are currently over three million companies with LinkedIn Company pages and if you don’t have one, you are behind in the game. A lack of LinkedIn presence can cause you to lose prospective clients to rival brands since other companies can use Sponsor Updates to reach potential buyers, status updates to promote services to current followers, or content marketing to unravel followers’ needs. This is applicable to not only small business that are trying to remain competitive in their intense markets but also large global B2B organizations that have already establish leadership in their industries. Enormous B2B companies such as IBM have invested an enormous amount of time and energy to foster large audience over millions of followers.  
  4. Target future potential prospects

    93% of companies use LinkedIn for recruitment by posting job positions on Company pages or contacting qualified candidates directly. This not only let businesses find suitable candidates but also help them engage with future potential prospects. For example, by displaying job postings on Company pages, businesses can attract university students or young professionals to follow their LinkedIn pages. While these job seekers aren’t current prospects, they will likely become potential clients in five to ten years when they are managers or directors at other firms. By continuously to engage with them over LinkedIn, you will increase your chance of doing business them in the future.
LinkedIn is an effective, formal social media platform that lets CEOs, IT managers, or Marketing Managers find relevant information, build professionals relationships, or explore new markets. If you currently don’t have a Company page, you can sign up easily on their website.
Additionally, if you want help with LinkedIn or social media marketing, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help.