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4 Major Challenges that Traditional Brands Face When They Attempt Digital

To gain competitiveness, many businesses are now leveraging digital media to run nation-wide advertising campaigns and target specific consumers. That said, while many brands such as Lululemon and Coastal Contacts are doing an outstanding job in using digital media to accelerate their revenue growth, other companies remain confused and left behind in the digital world. Here are 4 major challenges that traditional brands encounter when they attempt digital:
  1. Not picking the right tool

    Instagram, Twitter, and Google AdWords are just a few examples of the countless digital platforms available today. This has caused many brands to feel muddled as they don’t know which digital tools fit their business needs. They don’t know if they should invest more on content marketing, Facebook, or Google AdWords. This subsequently creates a major concern for these companies because they’re unable to excel their digital marketing initiatives while their competitors grow rapidly in the digital space. 
  2. Not hiring the right team members

    In addition to finding suitable digital channels for their business needs, companies have to find talented individuals to manage their digital accounts. They have to hire someone who is proficient in content marketing, social media, Google AdWords and Analytics, as other platforms that are crucial to a company’s digital success. This recruitment process can be difficult since the company already lacks thorough knowledge of the different digital tools let alone the vital skills required to excel in this field.
  3. Not utilizing the right content for the right channel

    Though social networks such as Facebook and Twitter are all designed for users to interact with one another, they function differently. Facebook is a more visually-driven space where brands produce greater fan engagement if they publish more photos and images than contextual content. Twitter is more textually-driven as users are more attracted by captivating headlines. YouTube is a visually-driven platform and is often used as a broadcasting channels for brands to push commercia-like videos (e.g. Volvo's commercial featuring Van Damme). Though there are differences amongst various digital channels, many brands are unable to distinguish them and end up producing similar content for all channels. As a result, they can’t maximize their digital marketing results and revenue. (Read what Nick Routley of Popcorn has to say about not utilizing the right channel!)
  4. Not having the IT support for digital initiatives

    More often than not, many businesses lack the IT knowledge that supports their digital marketing initiatives. Companies lack the ability to code and perform other programming activities to develop a prolific website, create Google Analytics conversion funnels, and run successful AdWords advertising campaigns. Moreover, this dearth of knowledge has caused businesses to outsource their digital strategy to digital marketing agencies without truly understanding the agency’s ability.
The advancement of technology has made digital marketing the future of business. Digital media will be how brands connect with their consumers, how businesses promote their latest products, and how companies provide customer service to their users in real-time. That said, while digital media has a boatload of benefits, many companies lack the knowledge, expertise, and experience in this area. This subsequently has caused them to perform underwhelming AdWords campaigns, conduct poor Google Analytics analysis, and develop search-engine-unfriendly websites. (To determine whether your website is developed properly based on Google's suggested best practices, perform a website audit.)
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