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4 Easy Digital Marketing Steps to Increase Sales Astronomically

The end goal of all marketing initiatives is to find clients and convert sales. It’s true with newspaper advertisements and TV commercials, and it’s true with social media marketing. Here are 4 easy steps businesses can take to increase their sales significantly using digital marketing:

  1. Promote

    In order for customers to buy from you, they have to know about your brand first. They have to know about your product or service and how it can resolve their needs. To do so, you must use search engine marketing, search engine optimization, brand storytelling, social marketing (i.e. content marketing and social network), bloggers outreach, and direct mail. You have to use multiple channels to improve your visibility exposure so that when a shopper searches for a product or service, , they’ll find information about you and your offerings very easily. 
  2. Analyze

    Analyzing your digital marketing performance is an ongoing process. The best way to do this is by creating a Google Analytics account and implementing the analytics code onto your website. This will enable you to see your conversion goals, web traffic, and on-page activities. Moreover, you can use heat-mapping tools such as Clicktale to monitor your visitors’ on-page behaviors and online gestures, and determine if your visitors are engaging with your content. Aside from examining on-page data, you can analyze your digital marketing performance by doing weekly keyword research to see if you’re ranking optimally on search results for relevant terms. This will assist you with your continuous efforts to improve digital marketing performance.
  3. Convert

    Once you’ve promoted your brand through a myriad of digital channels, you have to convert your visitors into buyers. The best way to improve your conversion rate is through split testing and content marketing. You can perform split testing on your landing pages with services such as Visual Website Optimizer. Split testing tools help you determine which landing page delivers more conversions. You can test for variables such as: location of the CTA, format of the content, design, or messaging. 
  4. Engage

    An engaged audience also helps with conversion. You can write blog articles to illustrate your product benefits, create whitepapers to describe your services, or produce case studies to demonstrate your expertise and credibility. These approaches will help you build trust with your audience and convert more web visitors into actual buyers.
    Engagement also transforms your audience from buyers into brand advocates. There are several ways to do this. You can use remarketing advertisements to frequently promote products suitable to your current customers, run social media contests to enhance community engagement, or send weekly or monthly newsletters to advertise items tailored to your existing clients. This will help you retain your customers and deepen your bond with them, as you’re constantly promoting relevant, useful products or services.
By using the 4 steps above, you can promote your brand effectively to your target audience, analyze your digital marketing performance for ongoing improvements, convert your visitors into buyers, and continuously engage with your customers to increase customer lifetime value. These approaches will help you find more qualified sales leads and increase your revenue dramatically.

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