3 Simple Ways to Integrate Offline and Online Marketing

3 Simple Ways to Integrate Offline and Online Marketing

Online marketing doesn’t work in silos – it needs to be integrated with traditional marketing to become impactful. Here are 3 ways to incorporate digital marketing with offline campaigns:


  1. Develop post-event content and distribute them online

    Upload pictures from a sales event, write an article about a breakfast series, or develop a short YouTube video on a recent product launch party. For example, if you’re a social media company, you can post photos and write an article about your recent open house event to showcase the livelihood and character of your brand. This approach will enable you to take original content from offline to target prospective clients worldwide.
  2. Create customized content to support sales initiatives

    Cold-calling is brutally tiresome and time-consuming. To help sales teams accelerate the buying cycle, develop customized content that can be delivered digitally. For example, if you’re a CRM company that works with local manufacturers, construction companies, and marketing agencies, create tailored whitepapers and blogs for each industry; customized content allows companies to have reading materials after meetings when the decision-making truly starts.
  3. Broadcast brand messages continuously through digital media

    Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and emailing services like MailChimp enable brands to stay connected with prospects after an event, sales call, or other in-person interactions. For example, if you host an event to raise awareness about cancer prevention, you can ask attendees to subscribe to your emailing list or join your Facebook group. This helps you continue to expose your brand to the target audience and generate positive results. 
    By using the three tactics above, you can combine offline programs such as cold-calling and experience marketing with digital tactics such as content marketing to achieve maximum performance.
    If you want help with developing an integrated marketing strategy, please contact us and we will be glad to show you how our P.A.C.E Marketing Roadmaps help brands integrate offline and digital marketing. We can also show how our Digital Marketing Audit lets you clearly assess your current digital marketing performance.



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