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3 Remarkable Twitter Tools Every Marketer Needs to Know

With the wide variety of Twitter tools available today, marketers often have difficulties determining the ones most suitable for their needs. Here are three effective Twitter tools you can use, and why we like them:


  1. Followerwonk

    Followerwonk is a Twitter analytics tool that lets you search Twitter bios, compare users, and analyze followers. It’s most useful for discovery. Use Followerwonk to discover followers by:
    • City 
    • URL in their bio (i.e.,
    • Keywords in their bio (i.e. Food, digital marketer, or Apple junkie)
    • Number of twitter followers (i.e. More than 1,000)
    • Geographic location
    • Preferences
    • Company
    For example, if you’re a Vancouver-based organic foods retailer, use Followerwonk to find business executives (based on their job titles) who like organic products, interact with them, and promote your products for their next company event.
  2. Social Rank

    Social Rank helps identify your most valuable, influential Twitter followers – the ones who often retweet, reply to your tweets, or mention you, based on the following data points:
    • how often a user tweets
    • how often a user favorites your tweets
    • whether he's verified
    • how many people he follows
    • how often a user engages with you
    Once Social Rank identifies your most valuable followers, it creates a ‘Best Follower’ list so that you know who to interact with. The users on this list will give you a large reach whenever they share your content or likely become even more engaged if you increase your interactions with them. Social Rank is particularly useful if you have over a thousand followers and have difficulty keeping track of which ones deserve more of your time.
  3. Quintly

    Quintly offers a variety of metrics for evaluating Twitter performance, with features that let you see the overall trend of your brand’s popularity on Twitter through community engagement and interactions with followers.
    Quintly provides a number of useful dashboards:
    • Followers Changes: whether you’ve gained or lost net followers
    • Mentions: your daily social mentions (an indicator of your online popularity and community engagement)
    • Reply to Users: whether you’ve interacted with your followers sufficiently
    • Key Interacting Users: 20 users who have mentioned you the most within a specific timeframe.
    You can use these data to correlate with your revenue or lead volume to determine which of your Twitter activities impact the bottom-line more.


Marketers often don’t have the time to test every Twitter tool to evaluate whether they fit their needs. We encourage you to take a look at the three tools above, gain a better understanding of the different features these platforms offer, and determine whether the functions are beneficial to your Twitter campaigns. If you want further help with Twitter or social media marketing, please contact us and we will be more than happy to help!