2 Major Signs that You Need an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

2 Major Signs that You Need an Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing offers an array of advantages that traditional media doesn’t. It enables companies to customize their advertisements for specific consumer groups, manage their ad expense based on their budget, and grow their own social communities. While digital marketing is highly beneficial to businesses, it’s most effective when different digital marketing programs are integrated. Here are 2 signs that you need an integrated digital marketing strategy:


  1. When you want to achieve long-term goals

    An integrated digital marketing strategy is essential if you have large, long-term goals. For instance, if you want to increase your annual revenue from $1 million to $1.15 million in 18 months, a comprehensive digital marketing plan helps you clearly identify all the actionable steps you’ll take to boost exposure and get more clients. Rather than schedule individual campaigns for Adwords, social media etc. …. An integrated strategy maximizes impact by leveraging both online and offline mediums wherever possible. A workshop that you schedule as a lead generation event can be promoted through email and postal mail, print ads and display ads in targeted online channels. At the same time, you could incorporate the workshop into your social media program or your newsletter program for more visibility. After the workshop, you can follow up by tweeting or posting positive feedback from attendees to build credibility for the next workshop; collect the feedback for other campaigns where you need to promote your company’s expertise. 
  2. When your audience uses multiple digital platforms

    Consumers today use a variety of digital platforms to consume information and communicate with one another. They use WeChat to send text messages, Instagram to send photos, and Facebook to see what their friends are doing. This in turn has forced brands to use different channels to target various audiences. To ensure you’re engaging with audiences through proper platforms, develop a comprehensive digital marketing plan as platform research is one of the most important activities when building an integrated digital marketing plan. (Read 10 Things Wrong with Your Digital Marketing Strategy to avoid making digital marketing blunders.) By performing platform research, you’ll be able to formulate a sound brand strategy and distribute your message through suitable channels. For instance, if a majority of your audience solely uses Facebook, you can spend more time and energy producing Facebook content and avoid wasting resources on developing a strong Twitter community. This allows you to leverage your advertising spending wisely and yield a better return from your ad campaigns.
    An integrated strategy is key to building a successful digital marketing program. By creating a comprehensive digital marketing plan, you can ensure you’re using suitable digital channels, laying out all the actionable steps required to achieve long-term objectives, and integrating digital programs for maximum performance. This will allow you generate a greater return from your advertising campaigns.
    If you want help with developing an integrated digital marketing strategy, please contact us and we’ll be glad to show you how we can create an integrated digital marketing plan with our Digital Marketing Roadmap.



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