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10 Important Twitter Stats that Will Help Your Following

Enlarging Twitter community is a common goal for many businesses. Companies want to grow their Twitter follower-base so that they can leverage it to distribute content, market their offerings, and increase their exposure. That said, enlarging a Twitter community can be difficult. Businesses have to consider various factors such as when their target audience is online, what kind of content intrigues their readers, and what makes the users retweet. Here are 10 stats and tips you should know to bolster your Twitter account.
  1. Engagement is 17% higher on weekends

    Engagement generally refers to replies, favourites, and retweets. If you want your fans to interact with your Twitter page, you want to schedule tweets with tools such as HootSuite or Buffer. Moreover, you should have a dedicated social media person to respond emergency messages.
  2. Tweets with images receives 2x engagement rate

    To showcase images this, companies can use Twitter Cards. This feature enables you to showcase your blog images directly on your feed so that your fans will get an idea of what your topic is about. This can help you increase your click-through rate and likelihood of reaching the desired audience.
  3. Tweets with less than 100 characters get 17% more engagement

    Tweets with approximately 100 characters help your users read your tweets easily and quickly. Moreover, they allow your fans to retweet your content while adding a few words of their own. 
  4. Twitter’s fastest growing demographic is between ages 55 and 65

    The senior crowd is adopting Twitter quickly. Hence, instead of using Twitter to target teenagers or young adults, marketers can leverage this platform to connect with the older audience. This is particularly useful for companies in the finance, senior consumer goods, and accounting industries as they can use Twitter to bridge the communication gap between them and their target audience.
  5. Tweets with hashtags get 2x more engagement

    Hashtags such as #digitalmarketing and #google allow companies to show their audience their tweet or link’s topic. They can also allow companies to expand their exposure as users can find their content through hashtag searching. While hashtags can boost companies’ tweets engagement, they shouldn’t be used exceedingly. According to TheNextWeb, tweets with 3 or more hashtags actually decline the engagement by 17%.
  6. 66% of tweets come from mobile-users

    Consumers are now using their mobile devices for nearly everything – including Twitter. This means that if companies want to distribute content through Twitter, they have to use responsive web design. This allows companies’ web contents to become optimize for their audiences’ screens, regardless of the tablets or phones they’re using. 
  7. Twitter users who mostly use their mobile device are 181% more likely to use Twitter during their commute

    To target these individuals, you have to schedule your content for before and after work. You can schedule your tweets for 7am to 9am and 5pm to 6pm. This enables you to showcase content that you want to display during times when your audience is more likely to read them.
  8. Amplifiers are 122% more likely to send direct messages

    Amplifiers are users who retweet more often than others. These individuals are also more likely to send direct messages (DM) to express their opinions and discuss their daily activities such as watching T.V. Marketers can leverage this by building a stronger, more positive relationship with amplifiers as they’re more likely to share their positive experience regarding a brand.   
  9. Tweets are 12x more likely to get retweet if you ask your fans to retweets them and 23x if you spell out “retweet” in the tweet

    With the abundant amount of tweets posted daily, Twitter users are often overwhelmed by all these content. Moreover, they’re unsure on what they should do with these content. They’re not sure if they should consume the content and just leave it the way it is or share it with their peers. To encourage your fans to advocate your brand, you can state “RETWEET” in your tweet to induce them to share your content. Just like any other consumer, Twitter users want to sit back and consume tweets effortlessly on their mobile devices. Hence, it’s up to companies to direct their fans exactly what they want them to do.
  10. Tweets with links are 86% more likely to be retweeted

    People like consuming content. By including a link to your blog post or image, you can increase your tweets’ shareability as people want to distribute content that they think will entertain their friends. Therefore, it’s important for companies to find or create relevant content for their desired audience so that their fans will be more motivated to share their tweets or links with their peers.
Augmenting a Twitter community can be a daunting and difficult task. Companies have to consider many factors such as the geographic location of their fans and the age demographic of their followers. By leveraging the 10 tips above, you can gain insights on how you can use hashtags, social media management tools, and images to grow your fanbase tremendously!