Cyber Security for Businesses of all Sizes

Cyber Security for Businesses of all Sizes

When it comes to cyber security, many businesses are still way behind in regards to preparation and protocols if they were to be targeted.

Did you know that in a survey done by CIRA [The Canadian Internet Registration Authority], 40% of respondents experienced a cyber-attack in the last 12 months? Among large businesses of 250-499 employees, this number increased to 66%. Overall, one in ten experienced 20 or more attacks. (

As we have seen with Desjardins, Equifax, Capital One and most recently with LifeLabs, cyber security breaches are still happening because businesses and people aren’t in compliance with proper security protocols. According to Global News, Capital One had an improperly configured firewall, which could have been discovered through an in-depth security audit. (

Although 78% (of businesses) were confident in their level of cyber-threat preparedness, 37% didn’t have anti-malware protection installed and a shocking 71% did not have a formal patching policy – exposing these organizations to massive security holes. [Source: CIRA]

At Rent-A-Nerd we take cyber-security very seriously. Our team of professional Nerds provide security audits that will look at the potential security risks that could harm your IT network and minimize your risk of being compromised.

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