The Best Way For New Grads to Find a Job

Jackie Montag is five months into her dream job and without hesitation says “I love what I do”. She is a business development manager for a tech company in Waterloo, Ontario. She’s also a recent grad and went through a lot of confusion, rejection and struggle to get where she is today. Read more

Google & Ipsos Study: Search Ads Increase Brand Awareness

Google and Ipsos MediaCT, the market research division of Ipsos, have partnered to conduct 61 simulated search experiments throughout 2013 to identify and measure the impact of search advertising on brand awareness. During these experiments, they found out that search ads have a positive impact on top-of-mind awareness and unaided brand awareness. Read more

Would You Use Facebook Targeted Advertising?

Facebook has recently released a video on the different factors Facebook considers when displaying ads to users. In the video, Jake Brill, Product Manager at Facebook, says that Facebook displays ads to people who would most likely be interested in the promoted product or service based on their city, age, pages they like, and stories they’ve previously clicked. However, the audience can make adjustments to the types of ads they see by clicking on the right corner of the ad, which opens a drop-down button, and click on ‘Why am I seeing this ad?’ to update their preferences. Read more