Ventana Construction

  • IT Services

The Problem

Ventana Construction offers a wide range of construction services and builds highly specialized commercial, industrial, retail, multi-unit residential, retirement and recreational facilities.  But success and growth had put a strain on Ventana’s IT infrastructure. The IT department had to deal with increased applications and user support, a VOIP phone system, and management of mobile phone plans. Data volumes had increased to the point where existing backup procedures took too long. With clients and subcontractors moving to electronic means for exchanging drawings and project plans, data storage requirements skyrocketed. This meant network speed and reliability were absolutely essential.

Our Solution

Smartt proposed an IT audit and assessment. The audit identified Ventana’s most pressing issues and recommended options for immediate and longer-term relief.

Smartt began by taking inventory of existing IT assets at a detailed level, including where each asset was deployed on the network. To reduce Ventana’s costs, Smartt provided easy-to-use inventory worksheets so that Ventana IT staff could provide information in a structured format. This preparatory work was essential to conducting a comprehensive audit of the entire IT infrastructure, including the network architecture, security, operations and workflow.

Once the inventory was complete, Smartt prepared a report that identified the most serious issues and risks. This report recommended solutions to address network capacity and manageability, security, and data protection. Wherever possible, Smartt made use of existing IT assets. Each set of recommendations assessed infrastructure and operations, and provided budget estimates. The digital roadmaps Smartt developed for implementing each set of recommendations were detailed enough to serve as blueprints, should Ventana decide to deploy on their own.

At the same time, Ventana had outgrown its office space and were moving to new facilities.  The company made a decision to implement one of the recommended roadmaps. They would migrate their servers to Smartt’s cloud services as part of the move to their new offices.

The Result

Smartt’s goal for Ventana’s migration was to deliver zero downtime during working hours.

First, Smartt’s client services group (CSG) scheduled a live pilot implementation in Ventana’s new building a week in advance. This allowed CSG to test out Ventana’s new fiber network connections, IT infrastructure and facilities in a way that reflected actual working conditions during different phases of the move. Then CSG spent a Friday evening transferring Ventana’s servers to Smartt’s data centre. This allowed data migration to happen in the background, to ensure service continuity throughout the weekend for staff at construction sites. The weekend effort also meant a seamless experience for Ventana head office staff, who went in to work on Monday and logged in as usual.

Now, with Smartt hosting their servers, Ventana has more scalability, reliability, and simplified maintenance.  Ventana’s senior management no longer has to worry about the broader issues around their IT infrastructure and can focus on running their core business, while Ventana’s IT department can focus on user and application support.