• Digital Marketing

The Problem

When TM Events first made plans for their 10th Anniversary Party, the Vancouver-based company decided to use social media to involve clients, partners, and friends who could not attend. They knew they wanted to use social media to enhance the event in a fun, seamless, unique, and memorable way. Not only that, they wanted to use the event to prove that event-based social media can help companies gain Twitter followers and Facebook fans.

“We believe that social media is essential to business branding,” said CEO Traci Myles, “and we wanted to use our own event to trial a social media campaign. But we lacked the in-house expertise to pull it off under tight deadlines.”

Our Solution

Smartt led Myles’ team through brainstorming meetings to create a social media plan that would integrate with activities at the event.  The end result was a plan that maximized social media impact by using both email and social media for event logistics such as invitations, registration, and promotion. At the party, guests would check in using QR codes. A video booth encouraged attendees to create their own video testimonials.  Smartt designed a social media game that allowed guests to earn rewards.

“Our staff found the campaign promotion schedule very easy to follow,” says Myles. “TM Events started getting new Facebook fans and Twitter followers even before the event date.”

Many guests commented that the social media game was one of the evening’s highlights. They used Facebook and Twitter to share the party in real time with colleagues, family, and friends. The party expanded TM Events’ reach beyond the event venue and into the virtual community, making it a truly inclusive event for on-site and online followers alike.

Some key activities for flawless campaign and event execution.

  • Smartt set up a Twitter account and a Facebook mini-site in advance of the event
  • A campaign schedule for social media promotion
  • A “Social Bar” staffed by volunteers with PCs and iPhones so guests who were unfamiliar with social media could join in
  • Roving volunteers to help guests set up and use social media, explain the game, or direct guests to the various social media stations

The Result

Smartt monitored and reported on social media activity throughout the event so that TM Events could see their success metrics the next day. But only three hours into the event, Myles already knew it was a success.

“I heard comments like ‘cool idea’, ‘this is fun’, ‘what an interesting way to capture a testimonial’, and ‘I learned a lot about social media today,’” Myles recalls. “But the best moment came with ‘hey, we’re not just trending in Vancouver, we trended in Canada!’ That proved social media can drive up brand visibility when it’s integrated with a well-planned event.”

Overall, the results for a 3-hour party were:

  • The TM Events 10 Year Anniversary Party was a Trending Topic in Vancouver and Canada
  • More than 100 tweets and 100 Facebook comments about TM Events
  • 73,000 Twitter impressions
  • Nearly 100 direct mentions on Twitter
  • 73 new Twitter followers
  • More than100 hash tag mentions
  • 166 new Facebook fans
  • 19,000 impressions on Facebook
  • 15,300 post views
  • Over 100 wall posts