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The Problem

Registered Dietician and Sea-licious™ founder Karlene Karst knew from personal experience how important healthful fats are for maintaining good health. She also knew how the taste of fish oils turns off people from making omega-3s part of their daily supplement, so she created the “best tasting fish oil on the market”. Sea-licious is a unique line of fish oils made from the purest ingredients with the highest natural ratios of omega-3s, EPA and DHA, all formulated in delicious flavours that contain zero fishy taste.

When Karlene launched Sea-licious, however, she didn’t want a website that simply featured a catalogue of products. She wanted to inspire her audience to make a lifetime commitment to healthy, balanced living. Too often, vitamin and supplement sites promote products but fail to provide guidance on other essentials of a healthy lifestyle. The website had to reflect the Sea-licious zest for healthy lifestyle choices as well as its product line.

Our Solution

Smartt worked with the Sea-licious team to map out a website plan that would support Sea-licious’ business goals and appeal in a compelling way to the company’s target audience. The site had to be simple to navigate despite having several categories of information.

Sea-licious is serious about educating its audience about the benefits of omega fatty acids, so the website includes detailed product information and the science behind them, as well as recipes and blogs about the latest findings in nutrition. Karlene is a respected speaker on diet and nutrition, and the clickable Event Calendar provides details on her upcoming live or television appearances.

There is a substantial amount of valuable content on the website, but its styling and warm images convey Sea-licious’ goals of promoting healthy living, nutrition, family, friendships, balance and passion for life. Recognizing that many of their customers lead busy lives and are always on-the-go, Sea-licious has made its website mobile-friendly.

“Smartt ran some great training and planning sessions,” says Vicky Hoang, Marketing and Education Coordinator at Sea-licious. “We provided them with a lot of information and that helped our teams tackle the business goals and define audience personas. It was a very comprehensive process.”

The Result

The Sea-licious website launched in October 2013, and Sea-licious has received many compliments. Its quality content and beautiful, joyful images are effective at conveying Sea-licious’ brand personality. Just as importantly, it’s easy for Sea-licious to edit page content and keep the Event Calendar up to date.

Smartt hosts the website and also provides web services to Sea-licious, managing technical tasks such as security and server updates, so that Sea-licious can focus on promoting the brand and creating content that helps their customers embrace healthier life choices.