Karlene Karst

  • Branding
  • Web Development

The Problem

Karlene Karst is a natural health nutritionist expert who is passionate about helping people achieve appropriate health and nutrition habits. As a professional dietician, Karlene had a website so that clients could find her online, but she wanted a new site that reflected her new career direction as an author as well as spokesperson and QVC expert for national nutrition brands.

“I knew I wanted a great-looking website,” Karlene says, “but more importantly it had to be a marketing platform for building the Karlene Karst brand, which is all about promoting healthy nutrition and lifestyle habits.”

Our Solution

One of the things that surprised Karlene about Smartt was that we added a branding component to our project proposal. We felt that a branding exercise was especially important for Karlene because her online presence had to convey both professional and personal credibility.

“The branding process was very intense,” Karlene recalls. “we went through a structured discussion that helped me get very specific about my business goals, personal goals and values, how I wanted people to feel about nutrition and health -- it tapped into a lot of emotions. It was like therapy! I found the process very valuable.”

As a result of the branding process, Smartt developed logo and colour concepts to discuss with Karlene. We suggested staying away from the cool clinical blues of her previous website and proposed more vibrant palettes that would position her away from big corporations and pharmaceutical companies. Relevant images were added to present Karlene as an active, busy woman whose first priority is her family’s health – very much the target audience she hopes will find her advice valuable.

We also gave Karlene guidance on how to make her website the hub of her marketing activities, and set up customized Facebook and Twitter pages that conformed to the new Karlene Karst brand guidelines.

The Result

Karlene can point to some very specific outcomes directly related to her website.

“Out of the blue, the Access Hollywood show gave me a call,” she says. “their producer said she found my website and liked what she saw. They invited me to be on their show for two appearances, which was wonderful publicity.”

  • Consistent web marketing and publicity platform
  • Increased professional and personal credibility
  • Television appearances on “Access Hollywood” show