Connect the Doc

  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web Development

The Problem

Nadeem Kassam and his twin brother Nash wanted to create a web-based booking system to make it convenient for patients to find and book appointments with private healthcare professionals. ConnectTheDoc would allow:

  • Clinics and individual practitioners to register with ConnectTheDoc to maintain online appointment calendars
  • Patients to use ConnectTheDoc as an online directory and booking system for finding healthcare professionals on short notice – or just find one

Our Solution

As entrepreneurs, the Kassams needed to understand as much as possible about every aspect of their business. While they did not expect to become software developers, they knew they needed to learn about development projects and web technologies. When they approached Smartt in late 2010, they found a company willing to take a partnership approach to working with clients. We were able to fill the gaps and offer the expertise that ConnectTheDoc required.

“Instead of just working through a project manager, we got to attend meetings with the entire design and development team,” Nadeem recalls. “They knew we wanted to learn about web development and they were very willing to share their knowledge with us. We got to listen to discussions on why or why not to do things a certain way. Smartt was flexible and totally transparent, which helped us get up a steep learning curve that much faster.”

ConnectTheDoc’s project entailed far more than building a website. We helped define the workflow of the booking solution, then translated the workflow into technical requirements for the development team. The complex project included development of the entire online booking system and all supporting mechanisms for registration and scheduling – as well as the creative work of designing a corporate brand for ConnectTheDoc.

“It was a complicated project with a lot of moving parts,” Nadeem says. “Throughout the project, the Smartt team provided us strategic business, design, and development support. They continue to do so today as we develop our digital presence to gain traction in the market.”

The Result

ConnectTheDoc launched in October 2011 and already has more than 100 clinics and healthcare professionals listed on the site. The software is working as the Kassams has envisioned. Users can schedule appointments with chiropractors, cosmetic/skincare specialists, dentists, massage therapists, and physiotherapists in Vancouver. The system can search based on location, preferred appointment time, and type of service needed.