Smartt Security Services for VPS/VPC/Co-Location & FlexHours

Protect your workload and end users from active and latent threats. With Smartt's Security Add-ons for VPC/VPS, Co-Location, and FlexHour, you can remove the guess work and knee-jerk reaction of common security incidents.

Service Smartt's Solution NRC/MRC Fees

Antivirus, Malware Scanning, and Reporting

On-demand antivirus, malware scanning and regular reporting of antivirus scans (or external notification of discovered viruses).

On-demand Antivirus Scanning using TrendMicro Deep Security

Scheduled full server scans

Monthly Report

Automatic reports that can be sent to the client of their AV status and any detected malware

PERT for remediation

Fix of issues if PERT accepted

MRC: $300

T&M for remediation.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-factor authentication for VPN access to client assets at Smartt.

Two Factor Authenticated VPN using Duo Security

NRC: $600

MRC: $206 (Up to 5)

MRC: $246 (Up to 20)

MRC: $396 (Up to 50)

Vulnerability Scan and Reporting

Vulnerability scan run on a VPS / Domain / App and a report on policy compliance (for third party assessments); and need regular reports to validate that vulnerabilities are discovered and addressed within a specific time period.

Vulnerability Scanning using

Credentialed Patch Audit including scans for missing patches and updates

Policy Compliance Audits including scans against known security best practice models (Over 950 different models available - OS/software/hardware)

Can scan from external (public) address or internal (via Nessus Core appliance)

Detailed report can be sent to client

MRC: $300

T&M for remediation.

Off-server Log Storage

Store logs off-server for review (by Smartt team) and to set up alerts for specific activity.

Off-server log retention and analysis using Wazuh

Can be set up for any middleware or application that generates text log files

Alerts can be set up for any condition the client wants to look for (or we can recommend based on gathered evidence)

Logs retained for 7 years optional

Logs retrievable on demand (send request to Smartt)


MRC: $300

T&M for remediation.

Malicious Traffic Blocking

Identify and/or block malicious traffic and have access to reports on identified/blocked malicious traffic.

NSX-T IDS/IPS Scans which identifies packets that match known signaturs (based on Suricata/VRT/Snort)

IPS which blocks traffic based on general severity levels, set via profiles.

Logs sent via syslog to SIEM, which can be used to generate reports


MRC: $300

T&M for remediation.