Web Analytics:
Make data-driven decisions and optimize your advertising ROI.

Measure, analyze and optimize all your digital marketing campaigns. Use the gold mine of data provided by Google Analytics to answer important business questions.

When to Use Web Analytics:

Analytics is the collection and measurement of data to derive actionable insights that can improve business results. The most valuable uses of analytics are to:

  • Measure ROI for both online and offline advertising campaigns
  • Measure Social Media ROI
  • Pinpoint the most relevant actionable insights and KPIs for driving business results
  • Create data-driven teams and organizations

General Web Analytics Tips:

Get analytics training. There’s a lot of terminology and concepts in analytics. You can waste time learning on your own or you can jump-start your education and get productive quickly. Google Analytics certification is a good start, but it doesn’t explain how to obtain insights from data.

Decide on your business priorities. What are you trying to improve or solve? Google Analytics delivers more data than you need. Business goals allow you to focus on tracking the metrics that are actionable and which will make a difference.

Segment your data. The ‘big picture’ is too big and too general. When you want to zoom in on specific demographics, traffic sources, or visitor behaviors, segment your data to see clearly.

Pay attention to trends, not specific numbers. Numbers for a specific point in time, or even for a short interval of time are usually less meaningful than data viewed over a longer period of time as a trend. Compare trends over time to get useful interpretations.

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How Smartt Can Help:

With the introduction of Google Analytics, marketing has become a highly data-driven discipline. Analytics expertise is a game-changer for marketing teams. Take our intensive, two-day Google Analytics training program to accelerate your analytics skills.

Learn how to:

  • Develop relevant metrics based on business strategy and objectives
  • Improve digital and content marketing efforts with analytics data
  • Track and measure current marketing campaigns
  • Protect analytics data integrity through filters and custom segments
  • Translate your insights into actionable recommendations for the boardroom

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