Social networking, social media:
Encourage positive word-of-mouth messages about your brand

Use social media to build relationships, drive repeat business, and attract new customers through community sharing.

When to use social networking:

Social networking does more than increase website traffic through social media sites. You need to participate in social networking when you want to:

  • Gain valuable insights from conversations about you and your competitor's brands
  • Contribute to or encourage content creation
  • Build customer loyalty by being open, transparent, and "doing the right thing" consistently

General social networking tips:

Research to determine where to focus your efforts. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram are effective in different ways. There may be groups or categories for like-minded users. Which ones are worth your time?

“Lurk” around to start. Monitor conversations and people. Understand the purpose of groups/forums and their etiquette before you jump in.

Brand your social media presence. Customize your profile page to be consistent with your brand guidelines.

Set goals. Social networking lets you engage with your audience, but what’s your primary goal? To turn customers into repeat customers? To improve customer service? Build stronger relationships? Drive brand awareness?

It’s not about you The biggest turn-off in social media is a self-centred brand. Help others 80% of the time, talk about yourself 20% of the time.

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How Smartt Can Help:

Social media networking is an ongoing activity. For best results, implement social networking as part of a total digital marketing strategy. Take our P.A.C.E. Workshop or download the P.A.C.E. eBook to learn about effective social networking. Talk to us also about the Smartt Digital Marketing Audit, which includes both a social media audit and web analytics audit to:

  • Audit your current social media activities
  • Analyze and improve your social media ROI
  • Identify opportunities for engagement

These audits will provide data and insights to help you:

  • Setup monitoring and listening systems
  • Define social media policies and procedures
  • Integrate social media into your website
  • Integrate social media into existing campaigns

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