Social blogging:
Blogging combined with promotion via social media is essential to content marketing success.

Blogging lets you interact in a way that positions you as a subject matter expert. When your target audience searches for advice or trends, the more often they find answers on your blog, the more credibility you build.

Why social blogging:

Blogging is critical to your content marketing strategy. It’s a way to build credibility with your target audience, but there are other benefits:

  • Drive traffic to your website. Your blog is the hub for your social media. When you promote quality content on social media, it gives followers a reason to click through to your website.
  • Position as an expert. You can’t always get the reviews or press coverage you want, but you can provide information your target audience values.
  • Increase your SEO ranking. When your blog appeals to others, links from their websites and social media pages add backlinks that improve your SEO ‘juice’.

General blogging tips:

Keep content fresh. Search engines like fresh content and so do readers. Blog at least once a week, ideally 3 – 5 times.

Create a content calendar. Plan ahead and you won’t panic about writing each week. Think like a magazine editor – what topics should you feature each week and who should write them?

Curate content. You don’t need to write all your own original content. One way to position as an expert is to present relevant content others have written, accompanied by your comments on the topic.

Optimize your blogs for SEO. Make up a list of keywords, categories, and topics and use these words and related terms when writing your posts. Try to link to other posts and pages on your website as much as possible.

Use analytics. Use data from analytics to determine which posts generated the most traffic, and from which sources. Adjust your content calendar as you learn which topics are of interest to your audience.

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Social blogging should be part of a comprehensive digital marketing program. Take our P.A.C.E. Workshop or download the P.A.C.E. eBook to learn how to use blogging and social media as part of an effective strategy to Promote, Analyze, Convert, and Engage.

The Smartt Digital Marketing Audit includes an audit of both your social media and content, and makes recommendations for how to improve effectiveness.

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