Social Analytics:
Monitor social media traffic to gain insights on how your audience perceives your brand.

Social media effectiveness goes deeper than just the number of followers or fans. Make use of monitoring and analytics to focus social media activities in ways that impact business.

When to Use Social Analytics:

Digital marketing success relies heavily on metrics and measurement. Social media is no exception. Implement social analytics if you are ready to take action on insights about your business.

  • Discover how your audience perceives your brand
  • Learn which digital marketing campaigns impact brand visibility and perceptions
  • Invest more in the social media campaigns which have proved most effective for traffic / lead generation
  • Understand the effectiveness of various types of social engagement for building customer relationships

General Social Analytics Tips:

Monitor your keywords. Before you can engage with your audience or plan any campaigns, you need to listen to what people are saying about your brand and the industry. Come up with at least 10 keywords related to your brand/product, enter them into a social media monitoring tool, and check regularly.

Define your goals. Analytics will deliver a ton of data, so screen out the ones that do not contribute to useful or actionable insights. What’s useful depends on your business goals.

Test for best scheduling. Find out the best times to post or share content with your community by using a combination of free tools and testing different dates and times. Test continuously to discover seasonal cycles.

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How Smartt Can Help:

Effective use of analytics for social media requires constant monitoring and analysis to determine where and when to focus your social media efforts. Smartt’s digital marketing management programs are monthly service packages that deliver essential data and insights for success. If you have short-term resource and skills gaps, our analytics and social media monitoring service can bridge the gap.

Or, talk to us about the Smartt Digital Marketing Audit, which includes an audit of your current social media activities to identify opportunities for improving social media marketing ROI and engagement opportunities.

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