Increases your visibility and keeps the conversation going with website visitors.

Make a lasting impression with remarketing. Stay front-of-mind with visitors who have been to your website by serving up ads as they browse the rest of the Internet.

When to Use Remarketing:

Google Adwords campaigns offer remarketing as an option. It’s free and highly effective, so there’s no reason not to build a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign with a remarketing component. Remarketing can also target visitors who came to your website via organic search or external links. Set up your PPC campaign or website with remarketing when you want to:

  • Market to your customers even when they are on other websites
  • Increase the ROI of your other online marketing activities by bringing back lost customers
  • Turn window shoppers into paying customers

General Remarketing Tips:

The remarketing campaign settings you choose must be in alignment with your business goals and the audience you want to reach. Remarketing can be very powerful or very annoying, so keep these tips in mind:

Target with purpose. Are you targeting all website visitors or only those who have landed on a specific page? How about bringing back visitors who did not complete a purchase or reaching out to customers who bought something within the last 30 days?

Set frequency caps. How often should visitors see your ads and for how long? This makes all the difference between reminding and irritating your prospects.

Monitor and refine. Whenever you’re dealing with PPC, take care of your budget by adjusting as you go. In addition to monitoring and cutting unprofitable keywords as part of normal PPC campaign management, refine your remarketing targets. Who are poor candidates for remarketing? Visitors who spent less than 5 seconds on the landing page? Who are good candidates? Visitors who visited more than 3 pages? Use custom lists to exclude or include these behaviours.

Test, test, test. Online marketing is a game of incremental improvements. Experiment with lists and combinations of lists to optimize your results.

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How Smartt Can Help:

Remarketing activities are built into our monthly digital marketing programs as well as specific PPC campaign management services. Whether you need stand-alone PPC campaigns or want to add remarketing to your website, our consultants can:

  • Design your remarketing strategy
  • Create your display banners
  • Create and optimize your landing page(s)
  • Optimize web page content
  • Manage and optimize your remarketing campaign

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