Marketing Automation:
Cut down on repetitive manual tasks of tracking, scheduling, and segmenting marketing campaigns.

Marketing automation software makes it easier to scale up campaigns. Take an integrated approach that provides sales and marketing with data on campaign performance, conversion, customer behavior, and other metrics that provide actionable insights.

When to Use Marketing Automation:

Marketing automation software reduces repetitive manual work. When implemented as part of a customer relationship management (CRM) system there are even more benefits, especially if you want to:

  • Automate repetitive tasks such as list segmentation, campaign set up, and campaign management
  • Develop and implement personalized email marketing campaigns for higher conversion
  • Analyze customer-specific data to get ideas for new campaigns
  • Monitor, track, and analyze campaign performance
  • Apply metrics to score and qualify for different levels of nurturing
  • Improve lead quality and conversion rates

General Marketing Automation Tips:

Marketing automation changes the way a team works. For maximum impact, marketing and sales need to agree on goals, accountability, and communication. Marketing automation and CRM solutions provide valuable information, but as with any data-driven effort, teams must know which metrics matter to their business goals.

Choose a solution that supports your process. Change is difficult, especially for busy teams who have to take time out to learn new procedures. The best thing you can do is select a solution that is flexible and streamlines your processes instead of forcing you to adopt new workflows. Certainly there will be changes, but the easier the transition to a new system, the more likely that people will actually use it.

Get a power user or the vendor to help you implement. Marketing automation/CRM is not ‘plug and play’. You need someone who can walk through your current processes, understand your current and future goals, and set up the system. If you try to do it all yourself you will end up spending too much time, make mistakes, or make decisions that are difficult to reverse when you grow or develop other requirements.

Spend time deciding on the metrics you want to track. Prove ROI for marketing automation by tracking metrics that matter: activity, increased efficiency, timeliness, user behavior/response, value, lower lead acquisition costs, increased web traffic, and many more. You won’t need to track everything, but you do want to understand how effectively you’re using marketing automation.

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How Smartt Can Help:

Marketing automation is a great way to scale up your marketing activities. It’s also another data source for the information you need to measure results and gain insights. Take our P.A.C.E. Workshop or download the P.A.C.E. eBook to learn how to develop an integrated marketing program that’s focused on metrics and measurable results.

Talk to our consultants about how we can help you decide on the critically important metrics you need to track with marketing automation. How can you combine them with data from web analytics and social media analytics to get the actionable insights you need to improve marketing team performance?

  • Value metrics. What’s the close rate on leads? What about the close rate on leads from marketing campaigns? How much in revenues can you attribute to marketing automation? Is your average deal value going up?
  • User behavior metrics. Understand how users are responding to campaigns by tracking metrics such as: open rate, click-through rate, site traffic, conversions, unsubscribes, and others.
  • Activity metrics. The number of emails and campaigns you send out are quantitative metrics that matter, but you also need to prove increased timeliness. Are you sending out more timely campaigns automatically triggered by individual customer behavior or activity?
  • Efficiency metrics. Have you managed to lower the cost of lead acquisition or lead nurturing? Is the sales team able to engage with more prospects? As you learn more, are you able to screen more effectively and pass better-qualified leads to sales?

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