Landing Pages:
The front end of lead capture. Make sure yours are effective.

A landing page can be designed as part of an ad campaign or it can be just the first page a web visitor sees. Identify the pages you need to optimize to improve conversion.

What to Consider When Optimizing Landing Pages:

Always optimize a landing page. Any web page that a visitor lands on to arrive at your website is a landing page in the sense that it’s the first page in a potential series of interactions. A visitor can come to a landing page from an online ad, through search, or an external link. Optimize a landing page to achieve the following:

  • Grab the visitor’s attention. Whether it's from a PPC ad or online search, a visitor arrives voluntarily at your landing page, but the page must give the visitor a reason to stay
  • Keep the visitor’s interest. Copy and visuals need to engage the visitor long enough to understand the purpose of the page
  • Focus the visitor. Guide the visitor to the call-to-action on the page. This can be a lead capture mechanism such as a form or simply a click-through to another page

General Tips for Effective Landing Pages:

Avoid using your HOME page as the landing page for an ad campaign. Create specific landing pages for each campaign that support the campaign’s message and offer. Unless you sell only one thing and have one offer and one message, HOME pages are too generic to be effective.

Review your website to determine which pages need to be optimized for conversion. A conversion doesn’t need to be lead capture or a sale. It can be a form or a click-through to another page with more information.

Minimize the number of links on your landing page. This dilutes the visitor’s attention by making it unclear what their next step should be. One call-to-action is all you need for a campaign landing page.

Match messages and visuals. To avoid losing your hard-earned visitors, make it obvious they’ve landed on the right page. Design display ads and landing pages for consistent branding. This means matching the visuals, but also messaging and offers.

Write a clear and compelling headline. Cleverness and humour definitely grab attention but clear, straightforward writing gets higher conversion rates.

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How Smartt Can Help:

Optimization is a big part of what we do for digital marketing management, whether it’s a standalone PPC campaign or ongoing services. Any time Smartt takes on a search engine marketing (SEM) project, landing page optimization is an essential part of the project plan. When it comes to your website, a digital marketing audit includes an assessment of web page content and usability to find opportunities for conversion.

An integrated approach to digital marketing via the P.A.C.E. methodology is the most efficient way to create an online presence that supports campaigns and landing page conversions. P.A.C.E. provides a marketing framework that delivers measurable results because it uses data and analytics for objective, actionable insights. Take our P.A.C.E. Workshop or download the P.A.C.E. eBook to learn more.

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