Heat Mapping:
Optimize conversion by tracking user behavior on your website.

Heat maps provide snap shots of how users click and scroll on your web pages. Use heat mapping to A/B test or when planning website redesigns.

When to Use Heat Mapping:

Heat mapping is like Google Analytics for a web page. ‘Hot spots’ present how visitors behave on a page, which gives you insights on how successfully the page’s design or content converts. Here are just a few of the situations where heat mapping is invaluable for improving website conversion rates:

  • Understand how visitors from search behave once they are on site
  • Discover which design elements need more emphasis
  • Test navigation and layouts
  • Test whether users scroll and how far down
  • Conduct A/B tests for landing pages, buttons, content, etc.

General Heat Mapping Tips:

Give every page you test a conversion goal. Know what you need to validate with heat maps. Regardless of where a visitor first lands on your website, what do you want them to do as a next step? Treat every page as part of a conversion funnel. In eCommerce the ultimate conversion goal is to buy a product. In a B2B scenario, the conversion could be to download a white paper or submit a Contact form. Or, the goal could be simply to move the visitor to another page with more detailed information.

Use analytics to determine which pages to heat map. It’s easy to know which pages to test with heat maps when you run a campaign, but what about visitors who come to your website via search? Make sure those pages play a role in the conversion funnel.

Schedule your heat mapping. Test at different times of day and days of the week to learn whether there are time-based differences in site usage.

Test elements in isolation. If you are A/B testing specific design elements on a page, make only one change at a time for each test.

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How Smartt Can Help:

If you are wondering whether your web pages are doing a good job of converting visitors into buyers, talk to us about a website audit with a strong emphasis on usability. We recommend a comprehensive website audit, because while design can be part of the issue, chances are there are also invisible issues around SEO, content, and platform support. Heat mapping is a great tool, but make sure you get the whole story.

For online campaigns such as pay-per-click (PPC), an effective landing page is key. When you work with us to design and implement a digital marketing program, we recommend A/B testing, which may include heat mapping.

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