Brand traffic:
When there’s brand traffic, visitors are searching for your company by name.

Brand traffic comes from visitors who know to search for you by company or product name. A good brand strategy increases your brand’s visibility and drives up brand traffic.

When Does Branding Matter:

Building brand traffic means starting with a brand audit. Then create a brand strategy. Branding matters when you want to:

  • Strengthen your competitive positioning in your market
  • Discover gaps between internal and external stakeholder expectations
  • Identify and narrow gaps between your brand strategy and customer experience
  • Ensure your brand is consistent and scalable before and after rapid growth

General Tips for Branding:

If you rely on better, cheaper, or faster to differentiate your brand, it’s hard to sustain that position. Express a quality that’s indispensable to your customers and you’ll be able to market around an enduring set of values. Branding means understanding your own business as well as your customers.

Brand self-analysis. Describe your company and what makes it different. What do your clients appreciate the most about you? What are your company values and why are they important? What do you do? How do you do it? Why should anyone care?

Customer definition. When you define your target audience realistically, it helps you target effectively. It also helps differentiate between good leads and bad. The customer’s industry, demographics, and budget all matter. But even in B2B, think of the buyer as an individual, not a role. Individuals have needs, aspirations, fears, and decision triggers. They are influenced by their peers, friends, family, and the media.

Market analysis. In a dynamic business environment, market and competitive research is an ongoing effort.

Customer buying experience. Manage your brand for the right positioning at different stages of the buying cycle. What a customer wants at the product awareness stage is different than at the product comparison or decision stages.

Brand development. Distill your research into brand guidelines that provide a creative brief for visual identity, messaging, and collateral.

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How Smartt Can Help:

Smartt’s brand strategy roadmap and brand identity creation services follow practical, hands-on methodologies that are backed up by research. A brand strategy roadmap is the first step to making your company more valuable to customers, employees, and investors. Follow up with brand identity creation for a collateral system that improves your brand recognition, simplifies collateral creation, and improves sales.

Branding deliverables include:

  • Current Collateral Review
  • Industry and competitive research
  • Business reviews and team interviews
  • Audience definition and research
  • Workshops to achieve team consensus on company values and identity, customer persona, buying experience
  • Brand pyramid creation (definition)
  • Brand development: Identity guidelines, logo and other visuals, messaging, brand launch plan
  • Brand roadmap presentation

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