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Why AdWords’ New Search Network With Display Select Feature Matters

Google AdWords today released a new advertising feature to help brands better target consumers. The new feature, Search Network with Display Select, will extend companies search campaigns’ reach to the Google Display Network (GDN). This will allow businesses to reach 90% of the worldwide online audience. Moreover, Search Network with Display Select will use enhanced signals and methods to determine when and where a company’s advertisements will likely perform the best. The new feature will subsequently show ads to a smaller number of prospects who are more likely to be interested in the company’s products or services. In contrast with the old search campaigns, this new advertising feature will, on average, receive a 35% higher click-through-rate and a 35% lower cost-per-customer purchase. In addition, the new feature will help companies capture 15% more customers.
Here’s why AdWords’ Search Network with Display Select feature matters to advertisers:

  1. Increased revenue

    By reaching a larger audience and engaging with more qualified consumers, brands will likely see a greater return on their advertising dollars. This is especially important to small and medium enterprises (SME) as generating revenue and gaining traction are vital to their survival. While large corporations obviously need to increase revenue as well, small and middle-sized companies see even more value in augmented revenue as a 5% increase in sales could mean astronomical growth.

  2. Reduced advertising cost

    With Search Network with Display Select, advertisers will reduce their advertising costs significantly. By using the new advertising feature, brands will lessen their chances of showing ads to unqualified leads and waste their ad dollars on unsuitable prospects. Instead, their advertisements will only be shown to specific consumers who are likely to be interested in their offerings. This in turn will reduce the number of times a company’s ads will be clicked on and allow the company to reach more qualified consumers as their daily advertising budget won’t be maxed out by unsuitable leads.

  3. Replacement of traditional media

    AdWords’ new advertising feature will further replace traditional media. By allowing companies to reach 90% of the global online audience and giving advertisers a bigger bang for their advertising buck, Google continues to lessen the need for traditional media such as newspaper, magazine and radio. With the enhanced AdWords feature, brands can easily manage their campaigns based their financial budgets, connect with only qualified leads, and market to consumers overseas. For companies, this subsequently increases their efficiency of finding new customers, retaining clients, creating advertising campaigns that fit their needs.

Through Search Network with Display Select, advertisers will be equipped with enhanced tools to connect with consumers worldwide. By using this targeted-advertising feature, marketers will be able to deliver customized brand messages to the right consumer at the right time. This will subsequently help brands maximize their online exposure while controlling their advertising costs.