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Can Burger King make the best of their Twitter troubles?

Burger King is trending on Twitter this morning, but not due to any of the company's own publicity efforts. The fast food chain's twitter account was hacked not long after 9:00 AM Pacific time, when the hackers changed the account name and avatar to McDonald's and began a stream of offensive tweets that lasted over an hour before the account was suspended. Read more

Marketers must spend more seriously on social

Marketers have been warned to take social media more seriously and enforce higher standards of planning, strategy, and evaluation, according to a study reported by MarketingWeek. The Warc 'Seriously Social' report reviewed 800 award-winning campaigns and found that social campaigns were shorter, involved lower budgets, and were less likely to deliver quantified results. Read more

Throw Out That Old-Style Press Release!

Remember those guidelines for writing press releases? Start with the most essential information in the lead paragraph: the who, what, when, where and how of why this is a newsworthy announcement. Then move on to information that substantiates the lead paragraph. Read more

Conversion Optimization

You’ve worked really hard to collect customer testimonials for your website. Testimonials have been one of the most effective ways of demonstrating the quality of your product or service to potential buyers. But recent studies show that with shoppers going online to do research, testimonials might not be as powerful as before. Read more