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Porsche Design BlackBerry: Will this Beautiful Phone Save Canada’s Largest Phone Company?

BlackBerry has recently released its new Porsche Design P'9982 smartphone to resurrect its company. This beautifully crafted and produced phone has stainless steel frame and hand-wrapped Italian leather back-plate on the sides. That said, all great things come with a grand price and the P’9982 smartphone is no different. This smartphone is available for a whopping $2,400 and can only be purchase in Porsche Design stores in North America, Harrod's in London, Selfridges Carphone Warehouse, as well as a few BlackBerry stores in Dubai and other parts of the Middle East.
Although this roll-out may not help BlackBerry regain its exact competitiveness it had 4, 5 years ago, it’s at least generating some buzz. This approach is most likely BlackBerry’s way of getting back into the game – by unveiling a buzz-worthy product first to get media’s attention and consumer’s mindshare and then sequentially come up with other mobile devices. This tactic is undoubtedly working. Currently, publications such as Wall Street Journal, eWeek, and The Next Web have all written articles on this magnificent phone and helped BlackBerry spark some conversations online. If you were to search for “BlackBerry smartphone” in Google Trends you could see that these 2 terms were ranked significantly higher on Wednesday (which was when the new phone was released) than on Monday and Tuesday. This means that more people were searching for BlackBerry-related content than before. If this trend continues, BlackBerry may be able to continue to boost its awareness in the next while.
In addition to the buzz it has received around its new smartphone to boost exposure, BlackBerry will be leveraging complimentary celebrity endorsements to increase brand awareness. With the roll-out of its luxurious phone, BlackBerry will now target the extremely high-end consumer market consisting of celebrities such as Kanye West and Piers Morgan. Moreover, these proponents of extravagant, exclusive products may be a doorway for BlackBerry to get its brand name back into consumers’ minds. By continuously boasting the lavishness of its new Porsche Design P'9982 smartphone, BlackBerry can entice celebrities such as Kanye West to use its product. This in turn can influence tens of thousands of consumers who look up to these celebrities to buy the new BlackBerry. Moreover, this will help BlackBerry position itself as a trendy, “hip” brand for the younger demographic and compete with other cool brands such as Apple and Samsung. 
Although it’s uncertain how the future pans out for Canada’s largest phone vendor, it’s certain that it’s taking proactive approaches to end its financial dry spell. And with a new CEO onboard and $1 billion in funding secured, BlackBerry is definitely making an immense push right now to hopefully start a happy new year.