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Apple Prepares Its 12.9 Inch–iPad for 2014

Apple is expected to release a 12.9 inch iPad in October 2014, according to Mashable. The rumored iPad will be manufactured by Quanta Computer, a Taiwan-based PC maker, and act as a way for Apple to create a new trend: large tablets. Apple is renowned by opting out on the latest trend and instead creating their own. This potential launch could help Apple initiative an entirely new product category and continue its dominance in the smartphone and tablet industry.

The enormous tablet will compete directly with the PC market as they’re similar sizes. With the release of a large device, Apple could reduce consumers’ desires to purchase a typical PC laptop, which is roughly 13.3 inches, and instead purchase a handy, portable 12.9 inch iPad. This could further damage market shares of struggling PC vendors such as ASUS and Acer. Moreover, it may lessen Google Chromebook’s popularity as consumers could possibly get more out of a large iPad than a Google laptop.