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How HubSpot’s Get Signals Will Boost Your Email Marketing Response

Though more and more companies are now using social media to attract clients and convert sales, email marketing is still the most effective sales tool by accounting for 7% of all online customer acquisitions. HubSpot will likely further improve the efficacy of email marketing by introducing Get Signals.

Get Signals is a tool that sends you an instant message when your email is opened. It also tells you who opened it and which links in the email were clicked. For example, it can tell you that John Smith, Director of Finance at a law firm, opened your email at 2:43pm last Friday and clicked on two links. This helps you assess the quality of your email and determine the recipient’s reactions. For example, if John has read your email but hasn’t responded, it could suggest that he was too busy or he didn’t find the message appealing. In this case, you would send a follow-up email using a different value proposition and at a different time. 
You can also use Get Signals to analyze your overall audience; you can use it to identify when the audience is most likely to open their emails, how long it generally takes for them to reply, and which links are most popular.
You can integrate Get Signals with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, and Apple Mail.
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