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How Canadian “Mompreneurs” can Benefit from Digital Media

The third annual mSummit was held yesterday in Vancouver to help mom entrepreneurs or “mompreneurs” attain tools and support for their businesses as well as have a chance to network with one another.    
According to mSummit founder Meghan Simington, mSummer’s “vision is simple; [they] want to connect working mothers with opportunities to learn from other inspiring working mothers and hopefully encourage their own reinvention and growth.”
To encourage more mothers to become entrepreneurs, here are 3 digital media tips that can help moms start their own businesses: 
  1. Create content frequently

    Regardless of your industry, content creation is vital for building a strong digital presence. If you want to augment your client-base organically, you have to frequently write blog content as Google is all about finding relevant content for searches. By producing intriguing web content often, you’ll increase your chance of being found on the Web and possibly receiving more backlinks. According to Moz, a SEO company, backlinks are integral in boosting a website’s Google page ranking. Backlink factors such as the number of unique cblocks and the number of IPs linking to your webpage are ranked amongst the top 5 factors in influencing a website’s search ranking. Hence, if you’re a new mompreneur and have limited financial resources to enhance your brand exposure, content is surely king in helping you gain digital recognition.

  2. Include crucial on-page SEO factors in your website

    Aside from external SEO factors such as backlinks, the structure and quality of your website are also critical in affecting your Google search ranking. According to Search Engine Land, elements such as the architecture, content, and HTML of your website are major factors that influence your SEO performance. To ensure your website contains all the necessary SEO features, you want to make sure Google can “crawl” your website and your site has quality content. Moreover, you want to make sure your website description appeals to your target audience.

  3. Start AdWords campaigns

    AdWords is the perfect advertising tool for entrepreneurs with limited resources. By creating an AdWords campaign, you’ll be able to reach different demographics and regions economically. All you have to do is deposit $50 in your account and your can start your campaign immediately. Moreover, you can leverage AdWords’ flexible bidding strategies to suit your advertising needs. You can use automatic bidding to get most clicks, target search page location to attain the top of the search page or the first page of search results, or cost-per-acquisition tor eceive as many sales as possible while meeting your average cost-per-acquisition goal. By using Google AdWords, you will be able to take your business off the ground quickly and cost-effectively.

Digital marketing isn’t solely for large corporations with limitless resource – it’s for any business with a long-term vision. By leveraging the three digital media tips above, mompreneurs can increase their brand exposure, engage more consumers, and convert more sales. This will help mom entrepreneurs grow their companies rapidly and ultimately, achieve the goals they’ve always dreamed of.