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Google Analytics says “Bye Bye” to Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)

Google announced yesterday that it will stop supporting Google Analytics on Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) at the end of this year. Users can still access the analytics tool on IE9, IE10 and IE11. Webmasters will still be able to use Google Analytics to measure web traffic from IE8.
It’s about time Google stop supporting Internet Explorer 8. IE8 is the last version of IE to be supported on Windows XP, which Microsoft will stop supporting by the end of 2013. Unlike more modern browsers, IE8 doesn’t support HTML 5 and other modern web standards, causing Google Analytics to hold back on the release of various product features. In the age of Responsive Web Design and the mobile web, ceasing compatibility for Internet Explorer 8 will allow the Google Analytics team to improve their analytics tool at a faster pace.
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