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How to Make Drupal Admin Simpler

The default site administration interface for Drupal is complicated. Drupal is designed to be developer and enterprise-oriented, and requires a longer learning curve from both users and admins . While out-of-the-box Drupal can be intimidating, there are many contributed modules that provide options ..... Read more

5 Easy Ways to Fight Spam in WordPress

Comment spam is random comments posted on blogs, wikis, guestbooks, forms, or other online discussion boards. Some spammers do this to increase their website’s search ranking by including links back to their site. Others post to promote unrelated commercial products or links to malicious ..... Read more

3 Easy Website Audit Tasks You Can DIY

A website audit helps you find explanation of site performance issues, gain insights on relevant new digital marketing tactics, and gather objective data that helps you make informed decisions. Here are 3 components you should consider in a website audit. Read more

Why Your Website Isn’t Converting Sales

A website is no longer just a digital catalogue that enables a retailer to showcase its product line. It's also a sales platform that helps merchants convert visitors into buyers. However, while a website can be a powerful sales channel, many brands aren't using it effectively. Here are 6 chief reasons why your website isn't converting. Read more