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Dynamically Controlling Widow and Orphan Text

Skill level: Easy Websites stand out when details are done right. There are lots of tools these days that help with the challenge of building responsive websites. There are templates and themes, plugins and Javascript. While all of these help you create designs and content that scale to viewport ..... Read more

Website Planning for Local Governments

Local governments have a long wish list when it comes to websites and no wonder. Businesses can optimize their websites to target a specific customer audience, but state/provincial and municipal websites must address the information needs of residents, prospective residents, tourists, business ..... Read more
Use Easy Columns to create text with columns in WordPress

Creating Text Columns in WordPress

Skill level: Intermediate WordPress has been designed for ease-of-use, especially for content editors. “Easy” can be limiting however, when you’re using a theme that doesn’t support all the features you’d like. Text columns, for example, have become popular because of ..... Read more
Responsive Web Design and Retina Displays

Responsive Web Design and Retina Displays

Skill level: intermediate A bit of history Responsive Web Design (RWD) is not a new concept. If you’ve ever visited a website on your mobile phone/tablet, chances are that same website looks very different on a laptop or desktop computer. Ethan Marcotte originally coined the term Responsive ..... Read more

Drupal Security for Admins

“Drupal is designed to support enterprise level security.” What does it really mean when you’re accountable for the security of your Drupal website ? The Internet is a dynamic environment. Software changes, new threats appear, and your website maintenance needs to keep pace. A 100 ..... Read more
Flat design website

5 Tips for Clickable Flat-Design Websites

If you talk to a web designer these days, you’ll probably hear the term ‘flat design’. This current trend in web design strips out 3D effects such as shadows and gradients in favor of clean, strong colors and purposeful use of typography. Microsoft’s Windows 8 Metro ..... Read more

A High Level Look at How Drupal Works

Can it be done? How long will it take? How much will it cost? Those are the three questions every marketing manager asks when it comes to website issues and enhancements. If you’re a marketing manager who wants a productive discussion with a Drupal developer , it’s good to have a ..... Read more