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Why Brands Should Use Instagram Ads

Mashable today unveiled positive, though incomplete, findings on Instagram advertisements. Based on the 6 weeks that Instagram ads have been live, 10 advertisers have been desirable results from their Instagram advertisements. Read more

4 Largest Facebook Mistakes in 2013

Facebook will continue to play a vital role for businesses to grow their digital presence and community. However, many businesses are making blunders on Facebook that are undesirabily damaging the effectiveness of the social platform. Here are the 4 largest mistakes brands have made on Facebook in 2013. Read more

4 Tips on How to Generate Social Traffic

Social traffic explodes while organic traffic declines, according to TheNextWeb. According to their article, social traffic, or referral traffic, has increased by roughly 7% from November 2012 to November 2013 while organic traffic has declined by approximately 2.5%. Read more

Instagram Direct: How Advertisers Can Take Advantage of It

Instagram last Thursday introduced Instagram Direct, a messaging service. With this new release, users will now able to send each other photos and videos privately. That said, only users who follow each other can use this function. If I followed a celebrity who didn’t follow me back, I wouldn’t be able to send messages to him or her. Read more

No! Don't Do these Things on Twitter!

With the prevalence of inbound marketing, more and more businesses are leveraging Twitter to drive qualified leads to their website. This approach has helped various companies tremendously as 57% of businesses have attracted a customer through their company blog. Read more