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7 Major Components to Consider in a Social Media Audit

Aside from promoting content and interacting with fans on social networks, marketers have to conduct social media audits to see if they’re generating positive results from their social campaigns. Here are 7 major aspects marketers need to consider when conducting a social media audit. Read more

Why Marketers Love Twitter

With the plummet in Facebook’s user-base, advertisers are now seeking other digital alternatives for their advertising needs. Aside from relatively traditional digital advertising tactics such as Google AdWords, more and more brands are now shifting their focus to equip themselves with effective ad tools. Read more

4 Major Time-Wasters in Social Media Marketing

Though marketers attempt to improve their digital presence by bolstering their social channels, a tremendous amount of their time spent on creating more engaging and building larger social communities are wasted. Here are top 4 time-wasters in social media marketing. Read more