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Facebook Adds Call-to-Action Button

The new Facebook CTA feature makes it easier to create a CTA while maintaining a clean look. With only one CTA button allowed on the banner, businesses will need to decide on which CTA matters the most. Read more

5 Easy Steps You Should Follow to Launch a Successful LinkedIn Advertising Campaign

A common challenge many small business-to-business (B2B) companies encounter is a tight marketing budget. Consequently, small B2B businesses must achieve a positive return from their paid ad campaigns because they can’t afford wasting resources. One of the optimal ways to prevent wasting your advertising dollars is by making sure you’re engaging a specific audience. Read more

Sniply: Links with Benefits

We all use link shortening tools such as and They’re great for sharing web pages and articles with our online community. But for business users, reducing character count is the only benefit. If you’re sharing an article that’s relevant to your industry but which ..... Read more

Everything You Need to Know about Twitter’s New Analytics Dashboard

The new tweet analytics dashboard can be accessed at using your regular Twitter username and password. It is possible that you won’t see data for all of your previous tweets in the report, Twitter mentioned that the impression and engagement data will populate after your first time using the dashboard. From there, all impression and engagement metrics will be updated in real time. Read more

4 Simple Social Media Marketing Tips for Dental Clinics

Dentists who track patient value report that the average new patient is worth $1,200. Over a lifetime of 20 years, this can represent $20,000 per active patient. Therefore it’s worthwhile for dental clinics to take a proactive approach to finding and keeping new patients. Fortunately, Gen X and Y actively use social media, making social networks powerful, cost-effective platforms to attract and retain clients. Read more