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Stay on Top of Negative Keywords

If you’re new to Adwords, you’re probably concerned about getting the right keywords set for your campaign – what are the most likely keywords a customer might type in to find your type of product or service? While you’re thinking about the right keywords, also think about the wrong keywords, the negative keywords. Read more

Simple Tips for Google Adwords Success

Paid search is a great way to drive traffic to specific products or services on your site, or for those search terms that are too popular to compete on organically. However, as a small or medium business, you may feel that you don’t have the budget to compete for paid placements or you may think Adwords are too complicated to set up effectively. Read more

Increase Your Click-Through Rate by 500% with Remarketing

Today we revisit remarketing. Our first blog on this topic was in 2010 “Using Ad Retargeting in Google Adwords.” Despite the proven effectiveness of retargeting, companies don’t seem to take advantage of it as often as they could. Remarketing or retargeting, whatever you call it, taking this additional step can increase your click-through rate by 500% and it’s available at no extra cost as part of the Google Adwords platform, so why not do it? Read more