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Introducing 5 Custom Affinity Audiences that Will Help Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO) Improve Marketing Performance

AdWords Custom Affinity Audiences is a built-in Google AdWords feature that lets you create custom audiences for your display campaigns. For example, if you’re a local café, you can use Custom Affinity Audiences to create a custom audience by entering website URLs of other cafés. Google ..... Read more

The One AdWords Feature You Should Use: Customer Match

Google AdWords has recently released a new advertising feature called Customer Match that lets you upload a list of customer emails and target your ads to those email users. When users login to their Google accounts, such as Google Search, Youtube or Gmail, using those emails, you will be able to ..... Read more

AdWords Keyword Research: 3 Tools You Should Use

Your AdWords search ad appears whenever a user enters a search query that includes your AdWords keywords in the search box. For example, if you have bid on the keywords “Vancouver Furniture,” your advertisement (e.g. “Vancouver Dining Chairs - Only $85 each”‎) will ..... Read more

Google Extends “Not Provided” to Adwords, Stops Reporting Paid Search Clicks Query Data

For the past few days, rumors have been going around the search engine marketing industry that Google would stop reporting search query data for paid search clicks, as it has already done for organic queries. Yesterday, Paul Feng, Product Management Director of AdWords, confirmed the rumor on the Ads Developer Blog and explained it was part of Google's efforts to keep search secure. Read more

Throw Away Your Newspaper Ads, Digital Marketing is Here to Stay

Digital marketing offers a variety of features that traditional media doesn’t have. For example, digital marketing enables companies to target highly qualified consumers with tools such as Promoted Tweets. This allows brands to deliver their messages seamlessly to a specific audience and garner a greater return from their marketing programs. Read more

How Retargeting Ads Can Increase Your Sales

A major challenge that many eCommerce websites face is how to induce their abandoned visitors to complete their transactions. These websites attempt to encourage their previous visitors to finish the checkout process by sending them follow-up emails or text messages. Though these approaches can help persuade their bounced visitors to complete their orders, they aren’t as effective as retargeting ads. Read more