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Canadians should mind the new FTC ad disclosure guidelines

The US Federal Trade Commission has updated its decade-old Dot-Com Disclosures rules, which dictate how marketers must make ad disclosures on online platforms. Marketers must provide clear and conspicuous ad disclosures regardless of screen size and restrict the use of hyperlinks to disclosures on another page. Read more

YouTube's One Channel now available for all

Everyone's talking about Facebook's new News Feed this morning, but it's not the only social network to launch a redesign this week. YouTube's One Channel, previously available only to select users, has now been rolled out for everyone. Read more

New Facebook Timeline creates options for advertisers

News outlets are reporting that Facebook will unveil significant changes to its Timeline tomorrow. TechCrunch has confirmed with sources inside Facebook that the news feed will be broken out into multiple streams based on categories, and that users will also see changes to photos and display ads. Read more

Does it matter if 'native advertising' is new or not?

The definition and usefulness of 'native advertising' is still unclear, according to many marketers. In its coverage of last week's Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Annual Leadership Meeting, Adweek reports that industry insiders are divided over this latest industry buzzword. "Native, advertorial, it's all the same," was the reaction of many conference attendees, with some arguing that search advertising, which has been around for 15 years, was the first form of this 'new' marketing. Read more

Oscar ads fizzle on Twitter

Digital marketers failed to make the best of this year's Academy Awards ceremony, with observers this morning deeming the majority of tweets to be failures. After many brands capitalized on the social media buzz surrounding the Super Bowl earlier this month, hopes were high that some marketing gems would arise from this year's Oscars ceremony last night. Read more

Google Glass launch promises endless marketing possibilities

Everyone's excited about Google Glass this morning, as the search giant announced that its smartphone-like headset will come to market by the end of the year, and for under $1,500. The latest product demo video reveals a myriad of extraordinary functions, all accessed by the voice command "OK Glass." Read more

Study finds marketers not measuring results

Only 37% of marketers routinely gain insight from analytics data, according to the MarketingSherpa Marketing Analytics Benchmark Report that was reviewed by MediaPost . 46% occasionally make use of data, and 17% rarely or never do. Excuses for not making effective use of analytics information ..... Read more