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Three Drupal Performance Enhancers for Site Admins

One of the big reasons why companies pick Drupal is because it’s designed to handle large amounts of web traffic. Drupal 7 put a lot of effort into improving scalability and performance, but as always: it depends. It depends on your website and the type of traffic you handle. It depends on ..... Read more

Planning Your Server Upgrade: 3 Essentials for SMBs

Inevitably, your servers will reach the end of their lifecycle. They cross over the line and become more cost-effective to replace than repair. The cost and effort of upgrading, not to mention downtime, is a daunting one for any business. IT managers often discover that what started out as a ..... Read more

Why SMBs Also Need IT Infrastructure Audits

For many small to medium size businesses (SMBs), the notion of auditing their IT infrastructure sounds like overkill. Why not look at it another way? You get better productivity from your staff if your IT infrastructure and processes are designed to deliver that productivity. The truth is that ..... Read more

Why “We Back Up Every Night” is Not a Disaster Recovery Plan

Data backup is not the same as disaster recovery. Yet when we ask clients about their disaster recovery (DR) plan, too often the answer is: “we back up every night”. On their own, routine backup operations are insufficient to safeguard your computing environment, much less restore your business operation after a compromising event. Read more