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Why B2B Businesses Need Digital Marketing

Digital marketing isn’t a tool merely used by B2C companies – they’re also leveraged by B2B businesses. With the radical change changes in the digital space, companies from all industries today are using digital media to accelerate their businesses growth. Read more

Data vs Creativity: What’s More Important?

Advertisers and business analysts often battle over this topic: What’s more important? Creativity or data? To advertisers, creativity is the soul of marketing. It’s what drives marketers to come up with advertisements that capture consumers’ attention and make them love the brand. Read more

5 Things Young Marketers Must Do in 2014

Young people are the future. They’re the ones who will create solutions to some of our world’s biggest problems, educate the next generation, and fuel our economy. That said, in order for them to become productive members of the society, they must equip themselves with proper knowledge and technical skills. Read more

Christmas Ecommerce Best Practices [Part 4]

Welcome to the final article of our series about Ecommerce best practices for Christmas. In this week’s article about the Ecommerce best practices for Christmas, we will cover digital marketing recommendations that fall under the Engage section. Read more