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When Does It Make Sense to Outsource Digital Marketing?

While more and more companies want to improve their bottom-line through digital marketing, many businesses lack the resources to perform various digital marketing initiatives in-house. To overcome this impediment, businesses are seeking help externally. Here are 4 occasions when you should outsource their digital marketing. Read more

7 Online Signs of a Hot Prospect

In addition generating inbound traffic through content and social media marketing, marketing teams have to assess the qualification of the visitors before passing them to the sales reps. A common technique that marketers use to is Lead Scoring. Read more

Why Every Company Needs to Build a Digital Roadmap

A digital roadmap is an 18-month marketing plan that allows a company to pan out all the different digital initiatives that they’ll implement in the near future. Tactics include remarketing advertising, social marketing, and content marketing. By creating a digital roadmap, a company can achieve these 5 major benefits. Read more

Why the Most Successful Companies Track Marketing ROI

With the increased usage of digital media, businesses are placing more emphasis on tracking their digital marketing ROI. Senior executives now demand their marketing and sales teams to show them specific metrics from their digital initiatives so that they can see how their digital programs are helping their bottom line. Read more