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The Checklist You Must Use to Create an Effective Home Page

Now that business websites are as common as business cards, you’d think that every website would follow web design best practices. Yet a quick and random survey proves that many companies have been getting by with the same website for 10 years. Websites, search engines, and very importantly, user expectations have evolved, and companies who put off updating their online presence are losing out on opportunities to improve their SEO, conversion, and user engagement. Many best practices now take place under the hood. Read more

6 Best Ways to Increase Your Google AdWords Ad Rank

Digital marketers often seek new ways to increase their AdWords ad rank on Google. To do so, marketers have to increase their Quality Score, a number Google uses to measure the relevancy of their ad copy, landing page, and keyword to the search terms. You can increase your Quality Score by improving these 6 areas. Read more

15 Do’s and Don’ts for High-Converting Copy

No matter how much promotion and marketing you do, if your web pages are not convincing you will fail to convert visitors into customers and leads. Part of conversion optimization is great web design, but what does the most to turn your prospects into customers is compelling copy. This includes ..... Read more

5 Problems with Your Call To Action

Your inbound marketing campaign is in full swing. You’ve optimized your website, you’re writing a blog and producing tons of other content, you’re active in social media, and yet your website isn’t generating the sales or leads you’d hoped. It could be a problem with your calls to action that’s driving your visitors away. If you’re guilty of one of these common mistakes, resolving it can solve your problem and create real results for your online marketing efforts. Read more

Increase Your Conversion Rate Using Google Analytics Funnels

Conversions let you know whether a particular page on your website is doing its job. By creating a conversion funnel, you can determine whether other pages that are meant to drive conversions are doing their jobs, and at what points visitors are dropping out of the conversion process. You can use these insights to make changes to your site and increase your conversion rate. Read more

How to increase conversions by understanding human psychology

Although figuring out how your customers think and how they will react to your digital marketing efforts can seem like a daunting task, many human behaviours are reasonably consistent and can often be reliably predicted. Understanding a little about the following psychological principles can help catch your customers’ attention, draw them to your website, and convince them to purchase or otherwise interact with your brand. Read more

8 design tips for effective landing pages

The goal of a landing page is to drive conversions. Whether that conversion is participation in a survey, registration for a mailing list, download of a whitepaper, or purchase of a product or service, every element on the page should push your visitor towards that goal. Follow these nine tips to craft successful landing pages and increase your conversion rate. Read more