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Unraveling The Secret Of Writing An Effective Sales Email

The first sentence of your sales email is the most crucial. This is where the reader contemplates if they want to continue to read your message or dump it in their junk box. Though many copywriters and marketers understand the importance of a powerful lead sentence, many of them often encounter a writer’s block when writing such sentences. Read more
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How To Optimize Your YouTube Videos For Higher Search Rankings

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. A well-organized YouTube channel can support your inbound traffic program and SEO activities. Many small businesses are creating video content but not optimizing them properly. Here are some tips on how you can optimize your YouTube videos for better search rankings. Read more

5 Smart Tips for Content Creation

Content creation continues to be a vital element in digital marketing today. Good content can help businesses boost their website traffics by giving readers useful, intriguing information. To create compelling content, follow these five tips. Read more

Don’t Just Blog – Guest Blog!

Blogging on your own website is essential. But for an extra boost to your traffic and credibility, try guest blogging. When you guest blog, you are hitching your wagon to a star, to someone else whose blog is more famous than yours. And typically when you guest blog, you have the opportunity to add ..... Read more

How to Deal with 3 Major Shifts in Content Marketing

Content marketing just keeps getting more important. In the beginning, it was because fresh content helped visitor engagement and increased SEO rankings. It was all about writing good content with lots of relevant keywords. Now that content marketing is well and truly entrenched as a cornerstone of digital marketing plans, the bar is moving up. Read more

6 kinds of content for B2B marketing

Business-to-business marketing used to be all about face-to-face selling: trade shows, business lunches, and handshakes were the way to get deals done. But the new generation of business people is different - they’re digital natives, raised on the internet. Read more

Build your audience with guest blogging

Guest blogging is an ideal way to expand your online network, expose your content to new readers, and increase traffic to your blog. You can write on other people’s blogs to introduce yourself to their audience, and you can invite other bloggers to write guest posts on your site which will attract their followers to you. Read more

The 3-step content creation cycle

Consumers are constantly bombarded with advertising and marketing messages. All day long their activities are interrupted by sellers trying to get their attention - ads on TV and on the radio, billboards and posters in shops and in the street, paid search results and banner displays online. They're used to it, and they tune it out. Read more